Server Rates & Features

~~~~~~~~~ General Rates ~~~~~~~~~

: x500
: x500
: x10 (Drops)
: x100 (Adena)

~~~~~~~~~ Party Bonus ~~~~~~~~~

: +30%
: +30%

~~~~~~~~~ Enchant Rates ~~~~~~~~~
Safe enchant : +8
Maximum enchant : +18

Normal scrolls : 75%
Blessed scrolls : 85%
Naiad scrolls : 100%

~~~~~~~~~ Buff system ~~~~~~~~~
Maximum buff slots : 44
Maximum dance/song slots : 16
Total buff slots : 60+4
Buffs – dances/songs duration : 2 hours
Custom scheme buffer, with the ability to store 60 buffs (44 buffs, 16 dance/songs) on each scheme.
~~~~~~~~~ Custom Features ~~~~~~~~~
Champion mobs enabled
Custom Leveling Zone
Custom Farm Areas
Custom Grand Bosses Area
Epic Bosses Areas
Custom PvP Zone Area {Flagged}.
Custom PvP Solo Zone Area {Flagged}.
Custom PvP Anonymous Zone Area {Flagged}.
Custom Starting Packages (Armor, jewels, consumables).
Custom Teleporter
Elemental System enabled. Maximum element level : 7
Enhant values of elemental stones/crystals x5.
Instant safe enchanting with one scroll.
Multiple currency system : adena , apiga, golden apiga, knight epaluette, glittering medal .
.deposit command : Automatically turn you adena to goldbars.
.castlemanager command : Brings up Castle Siege menu in order to check sieges without teleporting to the spot.
Custom GM Shop
Custom aio multifunction NPC
Maximum subclasses : 3. No quest is needed for adding a subclass.
Subclass/Transformation skills from custom NPC.
Free Nobless from aio npc. Only restriction your level to be 85.
Custom Raid Boss Area.
Customized System Message Engine.
Olympiad Period : 2 weeks.
Siege Period : Every week.
Territory Wars Period : Every week.
PvP Color Names.
PvP Reward System and NPC.
.dressme command : Brings up Visual Armor panel.
Hero weapons rearranged, in order to be 100% usable.
Client Limit : 2 clients per PC.
Automatic usage of CP/HP/MP pots.
~~~~~~~~~ Custom Events ~~~~~~~~~
Custom Events will intervent every hour.
TvT Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
Raid Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
Catch The Flag Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
Death Match Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
Town War Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
Hide And Seek Event Engine. Event cycle : 4 hours
PK Hunter Event Engine. Event cycle : Random
Custom events will be taking place from GM’s when they are online.