PayPal Secure Payments

Please consider supporting our efforts by making a donation. Donations help to cover some of the server costs and developement. All donations are made through Paypal. This is the only payment method available for the moment. If you want to contribute please fill in the ammount and press the Paypal button and it will guide you through the process.

Amount:   EUR

As a token of gratitude for your contribution you will receive complimentary items that can be used in the game. You can see the full list at the link  Donation Reward List.


As soon as you make your donation you have to send an e-mail at with the following information:

  1. Character Name
  2. Account Name
  3. Donation Amount
  4. Reward


A member of the staff will contact you when you are online and will give you the complimentary items . The process is very simple and usually the items are given to the donator within the first few hours.


If you have any doubts or questions about the donation process please send an  e-mail at and a member of the staff will respond.


Thank you for your contribution!